Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome to Prude Networking Sites

In the last few weeks, both Myspace and Facebook have done a pretty noble thing - removing several thousand users who also happened to be convicted sex offenders. However, coupled with Youtube, both networking sites have now decided to play the prude card with an episode of and a profile page for Midwest Teen Sex Show by removing them due to violation of their TOSs (TOSes?). The episode entitled, "Fetishes," seen above is nothing more than a comedic PSA (if you can call it a PSA) on fetishism and exactly what that entails. The video, as you can see, doesn't violate any of the networking sites' rules, but still managed to be removed.

What humors me, as well as others, is the fact that Myspace, while being so anti-sexual, kept several porn stars actual profiles even though their pictures are as "racy" as the video. In the long run, it's not so much sex that upsets Myspace, but the idea of actually educating its users. Well played, morons.

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