Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Texas, Prude National Capital

I live in Texas, Prude Capital of Prude Nation, so it comes to me as no surprise that a blog written by prudes would be based in this "great" state of mine. Alamo City Pundit, a.k.a. Your Humble Servant, is pissed off! At what, you many ask? At the picture above, a piece of erotic art drawn out by pancake painter Dan Lacey. Lacey, it would appear to Servant, had the gall to put such an "ego-indulgence," "just-plain-creepy" piece on eBay. Servant goes on to write:

So i complained to Ebay. The full-frontal stuff is a direct violation of Ebay’s TOS. The “Ugly Betty” stuff is just plain creepy. And the rest is just . . . weirdly inappropriate for a family-oriented site.

Oh, there's more. The artist - or perv, as Servant wishes to describe him - also has portraits of President Obama, naked, riding a unicorn and later hitting on Ugly Betty, which Servant considers to be a teenager because she's petite and has braces - you know, because we live in a world where only teenagers are petite and have braces (we like to overlook the fact that adults are just as capable of getting braces, in fact, I knew one who was petite and had braces, but that's besides the point).

Both Lacey and Servant are having a feud, it would seem, on their blogs. It's quite entertaining, however, in the long run, Lacey is in the right as eBay is far from a family website - hey, Servant, aren't WordPress's TOS suggest you should have things appropriate for a 13-year-old? Yet, you have the painted portraits - the ones you call disgusting, prancing around naked. Hmm, I smell hypocrisy.

If the Prude Nation has a president, it certainly would be Your Humble Servant. I haven't seen a person so sexually repress in my life. They say, you should blame the mother.

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