Thursday, February 5, 2009

Man, those are huge!

I haven't a clue who Sheyla Hershey is, but I do know why she's gained attention. Hershey, it would appear, is the new record holder of the largest breasts at 38 KKK. Because US regulations only allow enough silicone to make a size 34 FFF, Hershey flew herself to Brazil in order to claim the record. So now after more than a gallon of silicone shoved up in her chest, Hershey is all smiles as I'm sure a few of you are as well.

Now I understand the "novelty" purposes for having oversize breasts - would anyone get offended if I wrote tits? - but you have to wonder how this woman's going to carry herself. Not only that, but can you imagine the back pain she'll have as a result? I don't like to sound like some prude, because I'm not one, but you have to draw the line between happiness and insanity. Sexual freedom equals happiness; 38 KKK tits sums up to insanity.

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