Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do something else with your free hands

And here I thought that no one disliked making baby Jesus cray more than me. Leave it to a group of Christians to prove me otherwise. Introducing The Passion for the Christ movement and clothing line. T-shirts that carry past sins like badges. With wording like Ex-Fornicator, Ex-Homosexual and Ex-Masturbator, one can deduce that they are also Ex-Human.

For those of the Christian faith, their only line of evidence to state their case is their Holy Book; those of us with reason know that several amounts of psychological evidence and scientific evidence - you know, the stuff with actual research and empirical data -know better. Masturbation, like everything else, in moderation can be healthy to a man or woman's sex life. Because chronic masturbation, like anything done obsessively, can have long term consequences, we should learn to do it in moderation - a concept our propagandists don't implement with their religion. Maybe if they would rub one out every now and then, they wouldn't have felt the need to make a movie about it.

Truth be told, I attempted to watch the movie embedded above, but grew bored. The first thought that came to mind was, "I could be masturbating at this time." Talk about counterproductive.

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