Friday, February 20, 2009


Apparently Topeka resident, Kim Borchers, thinks books are harmful to minors. We all know titles such as The Joy of Sex, The Lesbian Kama Sutra, Joy of Gay Sex and Sex for Busy People: The Art of the Quickie for Lovers on the Go can cause great harm to a young person's psyche.

However, let me bring up a theory: I believe people like Kim Borchers have such a boring sex life that they have to instill it on everyone else, and then turn around and play the Helen Lovejoy card by saying, "Won't somebody think about the children."

Nothing media-wise is damaging to a minors' psyche, except in the cases where bad parenting plays a card. There are a lot of people who want other entities to raise their children. If Kim Borchers were to simply sit down with her kids and have the inevitable sex talk, then she can be assured that she's making some sort of progress with them. But to censor something? Well, Kim you might as well plaster on a tiny mustache upon your upper lip and ring in the Third Reich.

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