Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taylor Swift's fear

Taylor Swift doesn't want people picturing her naked - attempting to keep that clean and pristine image of her country stardom. She vows never to become a party girl like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton - this probably means she'll never make a sex tape (which isn't such a bad thing cos I don't find her remotely attractive as it appears someone has smashed in her face with a baseball bat, but that's just one man's opinion).

To be honest, I think Taylor Swift is just the sort of role model the girls of this country need. There's a fine line between being sexually free and just being slutty - Taylor Swift chooses not to discuss sex, not because it's taboo, but because it's her choice. She chooses not to be provocative like the teen celebrities before her, and that is her choice. So kudos Taylor Swift for living your own decisions rather than being influenced by those in control.

However, just because you don't talk about sex doesn't mean that'll keep people from imagining you naked - they're going to do it regardless. Also, I disagree with the definition of rebellion that she puts out. That is not rebellious, that's just mundane.

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