Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Secret Life of ABC Family?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager was something of a shock for me. Not because of the premise of the show - I am well aware that teenagers have sex as I was once a teenager myself - but because it was airing on ABC Family, a channel founded by the hate monger, Pat Robertson. This was the same network that censors Lorelai Gilmore's 8-ball of cocaine story (in case you're wondering, they censored the term 8-ball).

However, Secret Life isn't the first show on the network to have me questioning its content and what it aims to do. Premarital sex is featured in original shows like Greek and syndicated shows like The Gilmore Girls and That 70's Show.

Granted the old saying - Sex Sells - but families are gathering around the television gods to watch the same materials that many are trying to keep out of the school. In the age of abstinence only education, you'd think a channel with the foundation created by Pat Robertson would be less sex and more on your knees and pleasing Jesus - definitely a South Park reference, by the way.

The success and acceptance of Secret Life not only gives us terrible acting, but it also assures us that the Puritan prudes are losing grip on their fantasy world where abstinence only is the answer to a more reasonable world.

One could hope, right?

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