Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sexing up the youth + Link Love

I'm all up for the return to innocence when it comes to children. For instance, my older brother has reported to my mother than my 14-year-old niece was up for modeling auditions and now is up for acting auditions. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind my niece pursuing her dreams, just as long as her dreams aren't going to overlap her moment to be a kid. She's hardly a child anymore, I know, but 14 is almost the peak - from then on, it's pretty much all downhill for her.

Now I've done essays on modeling sites - not suggesting that this is what my niece will be doing if/when she gets the gig - that focus on underage models. What they basically suggest is fodder for the perverted - the moral loophole! - as none of the children are nude or in the midst of coitus, but their faces and the poses are so provocative that it makes your stomach churn. I remember having nightmares of child erotica after researching for the essay - the topic of course was on the "moral" loophole.

We see child sexualization in our daily life, even if we refuse to. This isn't sexual freedom - not the one I would like to promote - but the moral loophole of child prostitution. No longer are these people selling children for sex, they are turning them into tiny versions of sexualized adults that pout, act provocative, etc. in order to make a buck. With the so-called success of Toddlers and Tiaras, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of these sort of things popping up. What must we do to protect the children?

One person might say censorship, but by censoring the world around us, we are only creating more taboos that will in the future cause more problems. Also, we create a false sense of security that will only mean that sooner or later those walls we build around the youth will crumble and they're hormones will be raging. Rather than any of these things, talking to a child is the best way to get through to them. Most of us cringe at the thought of "the talk," but it must be done. Be in their business - not through a totalitarian way, but in a caring parent (the average teenager, however, will not know the difference).

We'll also have to accept one thing, though. Teens and kids will make mistakes and rather than mulling over them and getting upset - which will only cause a gap in the relationship - always allow them to know that you are always by their side.

And with that in mind, here are your links:

Twitter exposes your child to porn

My gf is pissed I touch myself

Reasons why you should (not) get a boob job

Nude Juice Bar to close

Buy the book (pic up top)

Horny women, miserable masturbation and sensitive clits

Sex & Music

I <3 Placoderms!

Scientists have discovered the animal that started it all - sex, that is. I got the link in an e-mail, though I'm a little confused why Fox News is reporting it as we all know Fox News doesn't believe in science, but in imaginary friends in the sky.

I'll be frank, I didn't read the entire article because Fox News bores the crap out of me, but that shouldn't stop you from doing so. I just know that this guy there is the one that may have started the whole process of procreation between two animals rather then asexual activities. Awesome, hu?

Torture porn (NSFW)

Stumbled across this trailer. It's not really safe for work, but because it's YouTube, I'm assuming it's nonnude as well. However, I did glimpse some nipples in there - could be wrong, but I thought I'd warn you anyway.

Here's the website. I'm sure the site itself is completely not safe for work.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So wrong

I almost blew chunks when I saw this picture. No offense, I find pregnant women attractive and all, but a line must be drawn somewhere. I don't think in the least that Octomom Nady Suleman deserves anytime in the lime light because she hasn't done anything to deserve it. "She had eight kids!" My cat had eight kids, big friggin' whoop!

However, I got an e-mail about her being offered one-million dollars from an adult movie company - probably Vivid, or Hustler because they get off on shit like this - as well as a full year's supply of diapers. I'm sorry, but is there anyone in the world who really wants to see this mother of eight get plowed by Ron Jeremy (not saying he will be the guy doing her, but Ron does do a lot of people)?

Exploiting your child is one thing, but creating a sense of fame because you had eight is just beyond grotesque. Please, Octomom, do us all a favor and vanish back to the rock from whence you came.


Sexting has been all over the news lately for some freakish reason - well, not really freakish, but child pornography reasons, which I'll address in another blog. Like with sex tapes, sexting can get unwanted results such as your boyfriend dumping you and passing your pictures to all his friends to show off how much of a slut you are, or you girlfriend pissed off because you cheated on you and dedicates a website to your microscopic penis.

I don't mind sexting so much that as long as it is done between two consenting adults who know the consequences of the act. Since the moment we could take pictures, man wanted nothing more to photograph the nude body - even paintings were done and some of them are rather pornographic. However, technology has grown to a point where it can turn a simple perv to an expert peeper - you name it, micro cameras, nanny cams, and the most recently attacked, camera phones, which allow you to take a more discrete photo of a person unwillingly. This, of course, is against the law. And I have no problem with that.

What I do have a problem is charging a consenting adult who agreed to have his/her photo taken and then the jack ass who took it distributing it any which way. Unless you know for sure, and you can't, that that was the model's intention. That's returning to the bedroom, and what goes on in the bedroom between consenting adults so be kept out of the rule books. Period!

Bras & Health

One thing I learned is that a guy should never "notice" another woman not wearing a bra, especially when his girlfriend is around. I'll admit, I broke that rule twice in my life. One not to long ago. A few years back, I was taking a class - go figure - on the beat generation when I noticed a small-breasted girl with her nipples popping out of her tight gray shirt. Normally, I would like not to notice this, especially because here was someone I looked up to - a local writer I once wrote a letter, well e-mail, to - but nonetheless, there were her nipples and my jaw just fell. I made the mistake of telling my girlfriend while she was going on about how she despised women who went around not wearing bras with their stuff just "hanging and swinging freely." I may have made the joke that she didn't seem to mind men who walked around in just boxers without much support, just swinging around down there.

The second incident wasn't too long ago. We were waiting for our order at a local McDonald's when I brought up the wife of a certain college professor whom I thought went around without wearing a bra. The woman's in her fifties, but nevermind that because girlfriend was still mad at me for even noticing. In my defense, I retorted with, "What if a guy with an incredibly large, or incredibly small penis was walking around expose. Can you seriously tell me you wouldn't notice, even if you wish you didn't?"

In all the hoopla of this, the main thing about her and bras is that women are supposed to wear bras in order to keep their shape, prevent them from sagging and a bunch of other things. However, a recent article says otherwise. The bra myths only apply to the growth stage, the article states and that they aren't designed to prevent sagging either. Wow. Does this mean we're going to see more women on the street without one? For my health, I most certainly hope not.

Mike Lohan hacked?

Saw this, thought you'd like to see it as well. Not sure if it's really Mike Lohan's Twitter, or if anything about it being "hacked" is anything remotely important, or true for that matter (the man is a nut job). Either way, I deiced to post this.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Re: Hello Hungry

Just because you're seen with it, doesn't mean you're eating it. Just saying.

A note on the sex tape/photo

I don't know who Edison Chen is, but I know why he's pissed off. Seems like a few photos of his have floated through the Internet - we all know what gets on the Internet stays on the Internet, no matter how much we wish it would just vanish - and now he's hopping mad because of it.

Have we learning from Paris Hilton - or better yet, Kim Kardashian? Like a journal/diary, no one makes a sex tape or a set of photos unless we want someone to watch them. So if you don't want someone watching you do the naughty, or naked, then don't make a record of it. Plain and simple, right?

Two things

A while back, my blog - you know the one I use to write my thoughts and details of my sordid personal life - was found by a troll who decided to disagree with me on a topic that really didn't call out for disagreement (could've been the one about how I saw two cars parked outside my house). Anyway, the troll decided to post some scat pictures to annoy me further, but thankfully WordPress allows me to blacklist people by typing in their e-mail and IP addresses.

It would seem that troll has found away back, or another has found me - either way it's the same M.O. However, because this blog is dedicated to beauty, fashion (I know, right? You're wondering where all that is located on this blog) and, first and foremost, sexual freedom, I don't want to call out a group of fetishists unless they're something way too deviate for me (e.g. pedophiles, if you can call that a fetish). In light of the scat troll, I have come to realized that, while I originally thought furries were disturbed people, I don't understand two things about pornography:
  1. What is wrong with the women/men who partake in eating or having fecal matter touch them in these videos, and
  2. What in the hell is wrong with people who masturbate to scat porn?

Current Doldrum

I was wondering, just a second ago actually, about Adrianne Curry. Whatever happened to her? And has her 15 minutes come to an end? If so, when did that happen because I wasn't paying attention.

Katy Perry

Even though I seem to have a love/hate thing going on when it comes to Katy Perry, it's hard to ignore the simple fact: I find her extremely attractive.

A lot of you may not know this, because I never wrote it here, but the reason for my distaste in Katy Perry is her two singles, "I Kissed a Girl" and "UR So Gay." While not homophobic in lyrics, it does bring down the notch for those in the GLBT community, something I happen to be a part of even though I don't go shouting it out on the rooftop of every building - you know, because I'll be arrested. While they lyrics of the latter song aren't suppose to boil anyone's blood, I find it completely offensive to my cause - the new image of man. As for the first song, it is often mistaken for bisexuality but should be noted that it's more about "barsexuality" than anything else.

Nevertheless, Katy Perry - with her Zooey Deschanel physique - is incredibly beautiful, not to mention, talented.

Welcome to Prude Networking Sites

In the last few weeks, both Myspace and Facebook have done a pretty noble thing - removing several thousand users who also happened to be convicted sex offenders. However, coupled with Youtube, both networking sites have now decided to play the prude card with an episode of and a profile page for Midwest Teen Sex Show by removing them due to violation of their TOSs (TOSes?). The episode entitled, "Fetishes," seen above is nothing more than a comedic PSA (if you can call it a PSA) on fetishism and exactly what that entails. The video, as you can see, doesn't violate any of the networking sites' rules, but still managed to be removed.

What humors me, as well as others, is the fact that Myspace, while being so anti-sexual, kept several porn stars actual profiles even though their pictures are as "racy" as the video. In the long run, it's not so much sex that upsets Myspace, but the idea of actually educating its users. Well played, morons.

Hello Hungry!

I'm not alone on this, am I? Lindsay Lohan's new "thinness" is nothing but shocking, right? I've been meaning to write this for some time, but I never came around to doing so. It's disturbing is what it is. I'm not fixated on celebrity, don't get me wrong, but this here is the sort of thing little girls look up and want to be. What sort of example is that?

Someone do her a favor - despite what she said - get this girl a cheeseburger.

[On a side note, this blogger would also like to state that work, stress and sleeplessness have only attributed to his weight gain, not his weight loss.]

Friday, February 20, 2009


Apparently Topeka resident, Kim Borchers, thinks books are harmful to minors. We all know titles such as The Joy of Sex, The Lesbian Kama Sutra, Joy of Gay Sex and Sex for Busy People: The Art of the Quickie for Lovers on the Go can cause great harm to a young person's psyche.

However, let me bring up a theory: I believe people like Kim Borchers have such a boring sex life that they have to instill it on everyone else, and then turn around and play the Helen Lovejoy card by saying, "Won't somebody think about the children."

Nothing media-wise is damaging to a minors' psyche, except in the cases where bad parenting plays a card. There are a lot of people who want other entities to raise their children. If Kim Borchers were to simply sit down with her kids and have the inevitable sex talk, then she can be assured that she's making some sort of progress with them. But to censor something? Well, Kim you might as well plaster on a tiny mustache upon your upper lip and ring in the Third Reich.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Link Love

I was thinking of making this blog NSFW, but then remember I always drive those down into the gutter. Plus, I caught wind that NSFW stuff is being deleted by the Blogger gods and I'd rather keep them in good standing.

Anyway, here are you links:

North Dakota to add sexual orientation to human bill of rights

Anti-pornography Catholic Propaganda

Because he's gay, Rupert Everett can't get work

Me Sexy

GLBTQ target of crimes

The Perfect Lesbian Myth

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Teen masturbation and condom use supporter

Gay is not the new black

Lily Allen wants to pose naked

Brooklyn Decker Nipple Slip

Teen girl faces child porn charges

Scarlett's sexy ad

From students to sex stars

Miley's Pedo boyfriend exposed

Butt ugly woman shows a 14-yr-old her tits

Couples Massage (PG-13)

Couples Massage - These bloopers are hilarious

Something useful for a change.

Taylor Swift's fear

Taylor Swift doesn't want people picturing her naked - attempting to keep that clean and pristine image of her country stardom. She vows never to become a party girl like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton - this probably means she'll never make a sex tape (which isn't such a bad thing cos I don't find her remotely attractive as it appears someone has smashed in her face with a baseball bat, but that's just one man's opinion).

To be honest, I think Taylor Swift is just the sort of role model the girls of this country need. There's a fine line between being sexually free and just being slutty - Taylor Swift chooses not to discuss sex, not because it's taboo, but because it's her choice. She chooses not to be provocative like the teen celebrities before her, and that is her choice. So kudos Taylor Swift for living your own decisions rather than being influenced by those in control.

However, just because you don't talk about sex doesn't mean that'll keep people from imagining you naked - they're going to do it regardless. Also, I disagree with the definition of rebellion that she puts out. That is not rebellious, that's just mundane.

Because when you think sexy, you think Chyna

Just in case you didn't get enough of Joanie Laurer's (a.k.a. Chyna) tiny cock clit, some spaz over at an adult movie company thought it would be a nifty idea to release more footage of the infamous sex tape between this former wrestling diva and X-Pac. Frankly, celebrity porn bugs me, but there was so much talk about this one I decided to jump on the bandwagon and watch a clip and oh how I wish I hadn't.

Either way, her management said that the tape isn't new and that the couple haven't been sexually involved - or involved on any level - in quite some time. The tape is simply old footage that wasn't released the first time around and that Chyna did not consent to it being put out in the public. However, I say, anyone who makes a sex tape does it so others may see it. Why else would you document it?

Salma Hayek's super mom

You probably already seen this video like a thousand times online already. I still don't get it, though: Why is it so wrong to have sexual relations with a woman who is breast feeding? Some people are just dumb.

Now with less nudity

I just caught wind that Kate Winslet will no longer be taking it off [NSFW] on the big screen. While this may come to as a disappointment to a lot of you, I'm jumping for joy on my side of the world. Granted that Kate may have a killer body, but I think her acting skills are so much better. That's just one man's opinion.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lesbian Superhero

For those of us still mourning the lost of Bruce Wayne - what the hell was DC thinking, by the way (oh that's right, they weren't) - a "new" light at the end of the tunnel shines and that's Batwoman. According to TV Guide, who is behind the times, apparently, as one nerd commented, has named DC's new idea: Batwoman will be the successor of Batman. So what's so great about that? Because TV Guide, like anything else would, is making a big deal about as if there hasn't been a homosexual superhero before - Watchmen anybody?

I don't care how much of a nerd TV Guide thinks we are, but a lesbian isn't going to make us go around creaming out pants. What will probably get us all hot and bothered will be the erasing of Bruce Wayne's death. Because that shouldn't have happened in the first place. This is Ben Reilly (Spiderman reference) all over again. But only with a lesbian and sans clones.

Link Love

I know I've been a little lazy about posting the last few days, but it's mostly accredited to the fact that I've been job hunting, exercising and attempting something new with my life - feeling great about myself. I have a long road ahead of me.

Anyway, I open my blog today and see something that automatically catches my eye. Kinseyette, over at SEX in the university, posted a caveat for lovers who prefer the woman on top - ahem, such as myself. I'm awfully careful with myself and with my lover, so it's not much of a problem - this isn't the first time I heard about such things, a guy - homosexual guy, I should say - that I knew in high school told me something similar and it used to make me laugh because...well, I won't talk about why it made me laugh. Anyway, here are your links:

SEX in the university

Sexy toys for kids

Smart teens still want child erotica off the air

Katy Perry offends queer community

Naked Sax (NSFW)

Mardi Gras events

Kicked out for being lesbian

Lesbians are bisexual
here & here

Massage Bra

Cartoon nudity has parents fumed

Bikini Girl nude

Debunked Sex Myths

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Joy Dick

As if gamers needed another reason not to get off their asses and go get laid. The Joydick allows game play to link up with real time masturbation. That means, while these pimply socially inept people are once again given another reason not to go outside and meet real humans. Thanks guys.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

On Celibacy (and homosexuality, again)

Mother Teresa isn't the sort of person you want to compare yourself to, unless you're working as a missionary and/or nun - if that were the case, then she'd be your role model. Jill Laing doesn't see it that way though. Jill also compares herself to Isaac Newton as she attempts why celibacy isn't ridiculous. What I find ridiculous is how Miss Laing still believes that homosexuals choose to be gay.

Mother Teresa and Isaac Newton were virgins for good reason, but they're not the sort of people you want to name drop when explaining that you're celibate as well. Mother Teresa was a nun and celibacy comes with that territory; as for Isaac Newton, well he was a mathematician and that's the sort of thing that doesn't get you laid. So, if you dissect the argument correctly, Jill Laing is either a nun or a mathematician, which, seemingly belonging to the Church of Latter Day Saints, I'm assuming she's neither as nuns are mostly not nut jobs and LDS-folk still believe that Native Americans were originally white, so they probably don't have intelligence under their belt anyway.

There's nothing wrong with celibacy, though. If you're a Katy Perry, it's just a ridiculous joke. My main concern about Laing's inability to accept that homosexuality isn't a choice - we're are living in a century where the earth is round, right? You can choose to not have sex, but you can't choose who you will love. It's that simple. And her suggesting that there is "evidence" that proves that homosexuals can go straight is null and void as most of it resides in the church, and we all know that the church always alters things to follow its belief.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, if you're going to compare yourself to someone, don't go around name dropping historical people who have made a difference. I've read about Mother Teresa and peruse - because I had to - some of Newton's works, and Jill Laing, you are no Mother Teresa or Isaac Newton.

Scene Girls

The other day, a friend of mine wrote a short declaration of love for scene girls on a quasi-popular networking site forum. The backlash was incredible. Several youngsters threw down the pedophile gauntlet and continue to call him some sort of creep. Granted that my friend is probably a creep, those teens were too quick to judge that all scene girls were their age because you know Suicide Girls and Gods Girls are so not scene. Besides, the correct term for a pervert who likes girls/boys of late adolescence is hebophile, instead of pedophile, while is the "affection" of pre-pubescent children. Get your insults correct!

While the ones found on the aforementioned softcore porn sites have piqued my interest, I don't care much for scene girls. I met one. A close friend of mine happens to be the father of one and she carries herself highly, which isn't a bad trait just as long as you don't do it around college students and college graduates because, to be frank, we're not impressed by how smart you are in high school.

So as my friend is being labeled incorrectly, I'm pondering what is so special about scene girls. Is it the cropped hair? The sneer on their faces as if they're being angry or scary? Is it the fact that none of them seem to know what the term "in moderation" means when it comes to their makeup? Their horrible taste in music? The fact they can possibly be traps? I should ask; I really should.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You're walking down the street with a few friends where you spot someone you know making out with a guy. Only the guy isn't the your friends boyfriend, but her own brother. This isn't just familial pecks on the cheek, it's hardcore making out - kissing on the lips and all. You don't mention it, you're even disgusted by it. And while it may feel unnatural to you, it's anything but unnatural - it's just merely illegal, a rule enforced a long time ago and you don't know the reasons why.

In her 1992 book, Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices, Brenda Love wrote:
The taboo against incest originated for several reasons. Genetic defects in offspring has been cited most often. However, many tribes only restricted marriage between relatives; not sex. The taboos was used to promote kinship with other tribes, and to avoid sexual disruption or confusion of roles in the family unit. Sibling incest was once thought to produce only female offspring. This belief might have been one reason patriarchal societies prohibited these marriages.

But may still cringe at the idea of two people who are closely related doing the nasty - believe you me, I am one of them. Love's book, however, only deals with parent/offspring (I stray away from using the term child because, while many times incest crimes are between someone of underage and his/her parent, many cases have been proven to be with consenting adults; I'm making an attempt to talk about those relationships and not the child sexual assault cases), and does not touch on the subject of siblings. However, she had this to say:
The Egyptian royalty used matrilineal descent in choosing successors because they couldn't prove paternity. Royal sons could only rule if they married their sisters. Sometimes they were married at birth.
That's just wonderful.

What piqued my interest on the subject of brother/sister incest was an article that was e-mailed to me. In it, a woman speaks about her relationship with her brother (the intro to this post was actually inspired by that article) and how natural it seemed, all the while knowing that society would never understand. There are several people out there in the world that have such experiences, hiding them in the closet in order to keep them sacred, secret, safe.

Maybe we'll never understand the incestuous relationship, and maybe we'll never have to, but in the dark they happen more than we think.

I'll touch on this subject again, perhaps leaning to the parent/offspring relationship as well. It'll be heavily researched when it's posted.

The Porn Pinch

It would seem like the Adult Industry - a.k.a. the porn industry - is in some serious trouble. Despite what Trekkie Monster said in his song, the porn industry will probably not survive the recession without a few blows - no pun intended - to the head. With people now copying their favorite celebrities by making homemade sex tape that "accidentally" get leaked onto the internet, many porn goers have stopped buying what they can get for free online (I guess that saying about the cow and the milk is pretty much true).

Larry Flint - better known for his political stint back in the day when everyone was running for governor of California - asked Congress for an industry bailout, pretty much like what all those banks receive but instead of it being blown on airplanes, it'll most likely be blown all over some unsuspecting barely legal girl's face - yes, that pun was intended. Will the porn industry be saved by the US government, or has a dark cloud moved in and cast its impenetrable shadow.

Perhaps if the adult industry wanted to save itself from these hard times, it would've reconsidered the idea of charging $50 for a spank film. It's just a thought.

On another note: I mentioned homemade sex tapes earlier. If Kim Kardashian has taught us anything, it's that sex tapes are never meant to be kept private. Like with a journal or diary, you make a sex tape and leave it lying around for someone to find it. So if you every catch wind that some "jerk" posted some nude pictures or sex tape online of you, don't go get holier-than-thou about it. Unless of course, that jerk taped you while you were unaware.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lewd, Crude and Rather Rude

A friend and I sit across each other at an all-you-can-eat Chinese chain in McAllen, TX. Two men out of lunch, just another innocent in the urban area, right? Wrong. Leering behind my friend are two older ladies - possibly Winter Texans - who make under-their-breath comments and one of them keeps checking me out. Flattered at first, I realized that these old chicks aren't really looking at my goods - as if I had any goods - but judging us. They might as well been holding signs that read, "God Hates Fags."

It's the sort of thing that gets me. My friend, a 100% straight guy who is comfortable with his sexuality, and I get this all the time when we go out without our ladies or our female friends. They're constantly wondering who's the catcher and who's the pitcher - I think it would be very obvious which one of us is the catcher.

The women sneer at me some more and I roll my eyes in disgust. With all the shit going out in the world, you'd think a couple of homosexuals in public wouldn't be such a big deal. It's very apparent that the Bush logic - geez, talk about an oxymoron - transcends to the country folk. We're stuck in a quagmire of a "war," seeing the economy flush down the toilet, watching as people in some country that neither of us can really pronounce slaughter women and children and live (for those of us in the Texas/Mexico border) near a country where their military has to police their law enforcement, yet these old hags are more focused on two men - who may or may not be gay - enjoying lunch together.

It's a rather sad deal, really. The whole wide world can go to shit - and has because of the eight year mistake - but rather than paying attention to the important things, a lot of you bigots have your eyes on the so-called sanctity of marriage. If there were any sanctity in marriage, be sure that divorce wouldn't be at a high rate in the United States. If there were such a sanctity of marriage, then you wouldn't have psycho's from the LDS marrying off children. If there were a sanctity of marriage, a lot of you who are so anti-homosexual wouldn't be having sex behind your spouses' backs with secretaries, pool boys, hookers and, you got it, people of the same sex.

The old lady muttered something to her friend, both of them cracked into smile. The whole time she was looking out way. "I can't cum with a blow job," I said.

My friend, shocked, looked at me and then got in sync. We've played this routine before; we know our parts. After a few minutes of our sexual talk, the two ladies got up and paid their check. We continued enjoying our lunch.

Lesbians & Link Love

Lesbians be warned: your number is up. On television, that is. The L Word is coming to an end with a slaying of a "beloved" character; a brain tumor is plaguing the airwaves; you're now confused about your own sexuality after sleeping with Christian Troy. But is this at all surprising?

Lesbians have taken to their blogs and pouted and ranted over the sordid lives for their television counterparts. Some have gone as far as convict television to be unrealistic - in no world will a lesbian have emotional feelings for a man. But I ask you this: what television show, besides those found on History and National Geographic, are based on truth? Even the so-called reality shows are scripted, to some extent, not to mention heavily edited. To enjoy a television show, you have to suspend disbelief to a certain degree.

This isn't an attack on lesbians, merely a commentary piece on those who believe fictional characters represent them - yeah, some have gone as far as to say that they're being misrepresented correctly on television. I don't think men are represented well on most of these shows, but you don't hear me saying that the new male image isn't being properly represented by Sean Mcnamara.

Just count your blessings that Kelly Clarkson isn't a lesbian - though, if you remember correctly, Clay Aiken once denied being homosexual - as you'd otherwise have a talentless hack in your midst.

Anyway, here are you links:

Kids who smoke

Kids take pictures of their naked mother

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Best Lesbian Week Ever

Kelly Clarkson isn't a Lesbian, okay?

Teens sexting = child pornographers

Gay marriage an oxymoron

The Future of sex ed

Miley Cyrus is a wannabe slut, not a racist

Man just wanted clothes for his dolls

Gay Marriage Bill Introduced

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do something else with your free hands

And here I thought that no one disliked making baby Jesus cray more than me. Leave it to a group of Christians to prove me otherwise. Introducing The Passion for the Christ movement and clothing line. T-shirts that carry past sins like badges. With wording like Ex-Fornicator, Ex-Homosexual and Ex-Masturbator, one can deduce that they are also Ex-Human.

For those of the Christian faith, their only line of evidence to state their case is their Holy Book; those of us with reason know that several amounts of psychological evidence and scientific evidence - you know, the stuff with actual research and empirical data -know better. Masturbation, like everything else, in moderation can be healthy to a man or woman's sex life. Because chronic masturbation, like anything done obsessively, can have long term consequences, we should learn to do it in moderation - a concept our propagandists don't implement with their religion. Maybe if they would rub one out every now and then, they wouldn't have felt the need to make a movie about it.

Truth be told, I attempted to watch the movie embedded above, but grew bored. The first thought that came to mind was, "I could be masturbating at this time." Talk about counterproductive.

Link Love


Everyone going around talking about Jessica Simpson's fat ass, but frankly I don't care. The Hollywood image has polluted us for too long and we to cut the coils so we can actually be happy. I'm not saying you should go out there and live an unhealthy lifestyle, I'm just saying don't attempt to stay in a size 2 if you're only starving yourself.

Here are you links for the day:

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Catholics fear that Deputy Attorney General is linked to Porn Industry

Spirit Awakening

Yet another perv working for the school

Washington considering Same-Sex bills

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Facebook boots Nakedjen

Anthony Stancl faces 300-years

"Dumb" sex ads

AP is just a bunch of jerks who want money

Rise and Fall of Pornography

Post nudes of your ex, get five years in prison

Thomas Gillen, of Hagerstown, Maryland, will be serving up to five years in prison. His crime? Posting nude photos of his ex-wife on the internet. Gillen created an internet account under his ex-wife's name where he posted the intimate photos and contacted other men in order to engage in some steamy conversation.

While childish, I can see why Gillen posted the pics - a sort of revenge that comes with rejection - but I can't understand the steam conversations with other men. I get the whole watching-you-wife-with-another-guy fetish - I'll own up to it, as well. But doing or fantasizing about it and conversing sexually with other men are way off.

Anyway, Gillen pleaded guilty to identity theft and criminal content. Maybe it'll give you second thoughts about posting those photos of your ex - or perhaps it won't.

Man, those are huge!

I haven't a clue who Sheyla Hershey is, but I do know why she's gained attention. Hershey, it would appear, is the new record holder of the largest breasts at 38 KKK. Because US regulations only allow enough silicone to make a size 34 FFF, Hershey flew herself to Brazil in order to claim the record. So now after more than a gallon of silicone shoved up in her chest, Hershey is all smiles as I'm sure a few of you are as well.

Now I understand the "novelty" purposes for having oversize breasts - would anyone get offended if I wrote tits? - but you have to wonder how this woman's going to carry herself. Not only that, but can you imagine the back pain she'll have as a result? I don't like to sound like some prude, because I'm not one, but you have to draw the line between happiness and insanity. Sexual freedom equals happiness; 38 KKK tits sums up to insanity.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Facebook Sex Scam

(Linetrap, unrelated photo)

So you're an 18-year-old from New Berlin, WI: What do you do for fun? Well, if you're name is Anthony Stancl, you con a few high school students.

Stancl was charged on Wednesday with various sex crimes and a bomb threat. Under his belt, he has five counts of child enticement, two counts of second degree sexual assault of a child, two counts of third degree sexual assault, possession of child pornography, and repeat sexual assault of the same child.

What Stancl did exactly, because I know you're wondering, was simply pretend to be a female Facebook. He would pose as either Kayla or Emily to trick male students to send nude photos of themselves - 31 students in total. Stancl would then blackmail some for sex acts.

So what lesson did you take from the sordid tale? Before you do something stupid like send nude photos of yourself, make sure the person behind the hot chick's photo is really a female.

Texas, Prude National Capital

I live in Texas, Prude Capital of Prude Nation, so it comes to me as no surprise that a blog written by prudes would be based in this "great" state of mine. Alamo City Pundit, a.k.a. Your Humble Servant, is pissed off! At what, you many ask? At the picture above, a piece of erotic art drawn out by pancake painter Dan Lacey. Lacey, it would appear to Servant, had the gall to put such an "ego-indulgence," "just-plain-creepy" piece on eBay. Servant goes on to write:

So i complained to Ebay. The full-frontal stuff is a direct violation of Ebay’s TOS. The “Ugly Betty” stuff is just plain creepy. And the rest is just . . . weirdly inappropriate for a family-oriented site.

Oh, there's more. The artist - or perv, as Servant wishes to describe him - also has portraits of President Obama, naked, riding a unicorn and later hitting on Ugly Betty, which Servant considers to be a teenager because she's petite and has braces - you know, because we live in a world where only teenagers are petite and have braces (we like to overlook the fact that adults are just as capable of getting braces, in fact, I knew one who was petite and had braces, but that's besides the point).

Both Lacey and Servant are having a feud, it would seem, on their blogs. It's quite entertaining, however, in the long run, Lacey is in the right as eBay is far from a family website - hey, Servant, aren't WordPress's TOS suggest you should have things appropriate for a 13-year-old? Yet, you have the painted portraits - the ones you call disgusting, prancing around naked. Hmm, I smell hypocrisy.

If the Prude Nation has a president, it certainly would be Your Humble Servant. I haven't seen a person so sexually repress in my life. They say, you should blame the mother.

Now with less nudity caught up with the director of the Friday the 13th remake who reported that after a screen test failed with males under the age 25, the movie went back into the editing room and was revamped. What was it that they found to their disliking? Was it the fact that the movie shouldn't have been made in the first place? Was it the fact that Jason is appearing in the serious that is supposedly the remake and not another sequel? Was it the fact that guy from Supernatural is in it? No. What bugged them was the nudity.

Wait? The nudity. They must've meant guys over 25 and not under, because there is no way in hell that men under 25 would say a movie had too much nudity.

There was a time when those under 25 were quick to ask, "Is there any naked girls in it?" when the discussion of the a horror flick came into mind. Thankfully those people are no longer around. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the beauty of a naked lady any day, I just don't like gratuitous nudity without purpose.

So kudos to the next generation of horror movie goers! And one more thing: Brad, you're movie's going to suck whether there is nudity or not. You just don't touch the classics.

Eliza Dushku is still sexy

If you think the Polaroid is too crisp to be an amateur photo, you're right. What you're looking at isn't a stolen nude pic of the 28-year-old actress who's starring in the Fox show "Dollhouse," but a promotional photo for the show. More can be found here.

I'm not thrilled about the way the show is promoted - meaning, the show looks like the sort of thing that won't catch my attention and will probably be canceled before the year's end, or season's, to be a little more harsh. But sex sells, and Eliza Dushku is still one sexy lady.

Sexing-up children

It's the essence of depravity that launched students to rage against a TLC show. Children, toddlers really, gyrating for judges, making sexual motions, moving in ways a child shouldn't. I know my agenda is to rise against the prude nation - the Puritans who are so quick to jump on same-sex kiss on a cable network are so willingly allowing their children to be submitted to this child erotic almost leaves me in awe. Where are these people's priorities? Somewhere in the back burner, just as long as they keep the "sanctity" of marriage in their pockets?

I haven't seen Toddlers & Tiaras, so I decided to do what any person would do: I Googled it. What I found was more than just disturbing. Here were little girls, no older than my two nieces, dolled up with heavy makeup that only resembles the caricature of hookers in movies. A child gyrating her body on stage while a "judge," who could possibly have been purged from Myspace and Facebook this week, looks on judging her. I can only imagine that the little girl will be sitting in some psychotherapist's office a few years from now, while her father is serving a life sentence behind bars.

Prolife moron & Link Love

Momlogic has proven to be anything but logical when it allowed guest blogger Gina to type up a post on miscarriage and pro-choice. The narrow-minded Gina shows little sympathy - so like a pro-lifer to be a holier-than-thou person - for women who are pro-choice and find themselves having a miscarriage.

"Advocate all you want, but don't come crying to me when your hypocrisy hits you like a ton of bricks. If you are going to defend the right to abort babies, you don't have the right to be upset when yours dies," writes the backwards, hate monger Gina. She clearly ignores the fact that in a country where women were once belittled to grow up to be house wives and mothers rather than opinionated women who post hateful words on the Internet - as there wasn't an Internet, but that's besides the point - and in a world where women are still belittled, a complete control over your own body is a blessing and not a flaw.

I normally stray away from pro-life/pro-choice arguments because I lack the essentials parts to have an opinion on the subject matter - I don't have a vagina, so I don't have much of a say other than, "I don't agree with it, but it's your body."

I'll end it at that. Here's the links.

Mormons attempt to find common ground

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More proof that USA is behind the times

Nude shoes

Naked after divorce

Should you be friends with your ex on Facebook?

Fining Nude Ramblers

Not sex, but Jean-Claude news

A sweet way to stimulate your guy


Ali Lohan imitates Miley?

I never understood the quasi fame that the Lohan sister received for her stint on television - didn't she have a reality show or something? - but seeing photos like the one above only resonates the comment Anderson Cooper once made on daytime television - and quite possibly again on his show. And then again, there's also the Miley Cyrus incident that upset several people across the nation and ended with Disney forcing her to apologize for it. We know that that won't be the case for Ali Lohan, whose show - if it wasn't canceled that is - is aired on E! who is willing to give a reality show to anyone who makes a sex tape, or will possibly make a sex tape. Not to be harsh, but by the looks of it, Ali is on her way there.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Freshmau5 - "Afterhours"

Artist paints a nude daughter's portrait

I don't know about you, but there has to be some line between artist and painting that I haven't heard of. I'm sure Li Zhuang Ping, a 61-year-old artist from China didn't know that. It appears that he's been painting nudes of his daughter for the past six years, sparking some sort of confusion, disgust and anger in some parts of the net. While I wouldn't dream of painting my daughter nude - because I don't have one and I'm not an artists anyway - I don't think there isn't anything at all wrong with this because the art, if you will, is purely for art's sake.

His wife also doesn't have a problem with it, expressing some envy of her daughter because she is being used in "such a beautiful way to capture her youth, an opportunity she sadly did not have when she was young and beautiful before."

I won't be rushing to pick up the next Zhuang Ping masterpiece, but I'm not exactly disgusted over it either. I think there are worst things in this world that can be painted, depicted or written about. I'll go find them and write summaries for you here.

Emma Watson, all grown up

I'm quick to admit I have never seen any of the Harry Potter flicks save the first one and I feel asleep during it. The only reason I know about Emma Watson is because of her fame online through various chan sites where 40-year-old perverts fantasized about her through various wet dreams. However, the dreams don't end there. The fake news site called The Spoof has released a satirical news piece that leaves the dreamers frothing at the mouth, only to shudder in disappointment when they catch wind that they've been had.

The fake news piece comes, possibly, in direct responds as Watson openly admitted to finding "the whole concept of being “sexy” embarrassing and confusing." Sorry. Better luck next time.

Link Fun

We live in a prudish nation - the good Ol' U.S. of A - and we're all sexually repressed people. Those of us who choose to show our sexuality - be it hetero, homo or bisexual - are cast out as deviants. Meanwhile, the perverts of the nation are in political offices downloading child pornography, hitting on pages, requesting blow jobs in airport restrooms.

Research has proven that the fewer amounts of taboos a nation has, the less sex crimes there are. Take Japan, for instance. From the country that gives us lolicon – manga that features young girls in sexual situations – one can deduce that their child sex crimes would be high. However, the effect is quite the opposite.

I’m NOT making the case of lolicon, or sexual deviants who prey on children, simply drawing up the facts: Less taboos on sex a country has, the less sex-related crimes a country has. If we can let loose the old conservative ties that bind us to false ideas, we can finally move forward and live our lives freely so much as we don’t cause any harm to anybody.

Anyway, here are your links:

Republican Senator Charles Grassley hates porn research

53-yr-old man with some serious problems

Number of sex offenders found on Myspace

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Mormons help porn addictions and quite possibly brain wash you in the process

Polanski seeks dismissal of sex crime

Koreans in uproar about a picture of some girl I don't know

Blagojevich hires R. Kelly's sex tape lawyer

Monday, February 2, 2009

Touch down...there...what the?!

It was all abuzz this morning - probably last night, too, but I was doing better things than surfing the net to see what the world of sex had for us. If you lived in Tucson, you know what I'm talking about and if you live in the real world, I'm sure you heard it about it in the news, or at least read about it. I wish I heard about it while I was round a computer - which will explain why I'm so late posting this.

If you haven't heard about the 30-sec porn clip that cut through last night's Super Bowl (perhaps a stab at holier-than-thou Kurt Warner), then you're worse off than me and therefore should be ashamed of yourself. Anyway, there's a censored clip behind the above link, so you can watch it there.

PETA isn't sexy

It seems like every year PETA makes an attempt to put up a commercial during the Super Bowl that usually gets banned. The real reason is obvious. Despite what the networks say, it isn't because PETA lavishes their ads with sex, but because they're attempting to instill their lifestyle on the typical American who watches football.

I'm only half annoyed with PETA, despite my normal intolerance for them. I'm not your typical American male - I don't drink beer; I don't scratch myself in public; I don't piss all over the toilet seat - and possibly only watch the Super Bowl for its commercials. I do feel that everyone who pays to put an ad during the event should get their air time; however, I don't believe that people should attempt to force on their life choices on other people who may or may not agree with them.

There has been many commercials that have made the ban list, so PETA isn't alone on this. Some commercials, not necessarily meant for the Super Bowl, that do get aired and wind up stirring such a controversy with the prude nation that the FCC takes action. Apologies are made and fines are paid, but in the long run, the commercials only prove that sex does in fact sell and it managed to capture the attention of a large group of people who will now never forget the product advertised.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Secret Life of ABC Family?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager was something of a shock for me. Not because of the premise of the show - I am well aware that teenagers have sex as I was once a teenager myself - but because it was airing on ABC Family, a channel founded by the hate monger, Pat Robertson. This was the same network that censors Lorelai Gilmore's 8-ball of cocaine story (in case you're wondering, they censored the term 8-ball).

However, Secret Life isn't the first show on the network to have me questioning its content and what it aims to do. Premarital sex is featured in original shows like Greek and syndicated shows like The Gilmore Girls and That 70's Show.

Granted the old saying - Sex Sells - but families are gathering around the television gods to watch the same materials that many are trying to keep out of the school. In the age of abstinence only education, you'd think a channel with the foundation created by Pat Robertson would be less sex and more on your knees and pleasing Jesus - definitely a South Park reference, by the way.

The success and acceptance of Secret Life not only gives us terrible acting, but it also assures us that the Puritan prudes are losing grip on their fantasy world where abstinence only is the answer to a more reasonable world.

One could hope, right?