Monday, February 2, 2009

PETA isn't sexy

It seems like every year PETA makes an attempt to put up a commercial during the Super Bowl that usually gets banned. The real reason is obvious. Despite what the networks say, it isn't because PETA lavishes their ads with sex, but because they're attempting to instill their lifestyle on the typical American who watches football.

I'm only half annoyed with PETA, despite my normal intolerance for them. I'm not your typical American male - I don't drink beer; I don't scratch myself in public; I don't piss all over the toilet seat - and possibly only watch the Super Bowl for its commercials. I do feel that everyone who pays to put an ad during the event should get their air time; however, I don't believe that people should attempt to force on their life choices on other people who may or may not agree with them.

There has been many commercials that have made the ban list, so PETA isn't alone on this. Some commercials, not necessarily meant for the Super Bowl, that do get aired and wind up stirring such a controversy with the prude nation that the FCC takes action. Apologies are made and fines are paid, but in the long run, the commercials only prove that sex does in fact sell and it managed to capture the attention of a large group of people who will now never forget the product advertised.

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