Thursday, February 5, 2009

Post nudes of your ex, get five years in prison

Thomas Gillen, of Hagerstown, Maryland, will be serving up to five years in prison. His crime? Posting nude photos of his ex-wife on the internet. Gillen created an internet account under his ex-wife's name where he posted the intimate photos and contacted other men in order to engage in some steamy conversation.

While childish, I can see why Gillen posted the pics - a sort of revenge that comes with rejection - but I can't understand the steam conversations with other men. I get the whole watching-you-wife-with-another-guy fetish - I'll own up to it, as well. But doing or fantasizing about it and conversing sexually with other men are way off.

Anyway, Gillen pleaded guilty to identity theft and criminal content. Maybe it'll give you second thoughts about posting those photos of your ex - or perhaps it won't.

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