Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two things

A while back, my blog - you know the one I use to write my thoughts and details of my sordid personal life - was found by a troll who decided to disagree with me on a topic that really didn't call out for disagreement (could've been the one about how I saw two cars parked outside my house). Anyway, the troll decided to post some scat pictures to annoy me further, but thankfully WordPress allows me to blacklist people by typing in their e-mail and IP addresses.

It would seem that troll has found away back, or another has found me - either way it's the same M.O. However, because this blog is dedicated to beauty, fashion (I know, right? You're wondering where all that is located on this blog) and, first and foremost, sexual freedom, I don't want to call out a group of fetishists unless they're something way too deviate for me (e.g. pedophiles, if you can call that a fetish). In light of the scat troll, I have come to realized that, while I originally thought furries were disturbed people, I don't understand two things about pornography:
  1. What is wrong with the women/men who partake in eating or having fecal matter touch them in these videos, and
  2. What in the hell is wrong with people who masturbate to scat porn?

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