Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bras & Health

One thing I learned is that a guy should never "notice" another woman not wearing a bra, especially when his girlfriend is around. I'll admit, I broke that rule twice in my life. One not to long ago. A few years back, I was taking a class - go figure - on the beat generation when I noticed a small-breasted girl with her nipples popping out of her tight gray shirt. Normally, I would like not to notice this, especially because here was someone I looked up to - a local writer I once wrote a letter, well e-mail, to - but nonetheless, there were her nipples and my jaw just fell. I made the mistake of telling my girlfriend while she was going on about how she despised women who went around not wearing bras with their stuff just "hanging and swinging freely." I may have made the joke that she didn't seem to mind men who walked around in just boxers without much support, just swinging around down there.

The second incident wasn't too long ago. We were waiting for our order at a local McDonald's when I brought up the wife of a certain college professor whom I thought went around without wearing a bra. The woman's in her fifties, but nevermind that because girlfriend was still mad at me for even noticing. In my defense, I retorted with, "What if a guy with an incredibly large, or incredibly small penis was walking around expose. Can you seriously tell me you wouldn't notice, even if you wish you didn't?"

In all the hoopla of this, the main thing about her and bras is that women are supposed to wear bras in order to keep their shape, prevent them from sagging and a bunch of other things. However, a recent article says otherwise. The bra myths only apply to the growth stage, the article states and that they aren't designed to prevent sagging either. Wow. Does this mean we're going to see more women on the street without one? For my health, I most certainly hope not.

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