Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So wrong

I almost blew chunks when I saw this picture. No offense, I find pregnant women attractive and all, but a line must be drawn somewhere. I don't think in the least that Octomom Nady Suleman deserves anytime in the lime light because she hasn't done anything to deserve it. "She had eight kids!" My cat had eight kids, big friggin' whoop!

However, I got an e-mail about her being offered one-million dollars from an adult movie company - probably Vivid, or Hustler because they get off on shit like this - as well as a full year's supply of diapers. I'm sorry, but is there anyone in the world who really wants to see this mother of eight get plowed by Ron Jeremy (not saying he will be the guy doing her, but Ron does do a lot of people)?

Exploiting your child is one thing, but creating a sense of fame because you had eight is just beyond grotesque. Please, Octomom, do us all a favor and vanish back to the rock from whence you came.

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