Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scene Girls

The other day, a friend of mine wrote a short declaration of love for scene girls on a quasi-popular networking site forum. The backlash was incredible. Several youngsters threw down the pedophile gauntlet and continue to call him some sort of creep. Granted that my friend is probably a creep, those teens were too quick to judge that all scene girls were their age because you know Suicide Girls and Gods Girls are so not scene. Besides, the correct term for a pervert who likes girls/boys of late adolescence is hebophile, instead of pedophile, while is the "affection" of pre-pubescent children. Get your insults correct!

While the ones found on the aforementioned softcore porn sites have piqued my interest, I don't care much for scene girls. I met one. A close friend of mine happens to be the father of one and she carries herself highly, which isn't a bad trait just as long as you don't do it around college students and college graduates because, to be frank, we're not impressed by how smart you are in high school.

So as my friend is being labeled incorrectly, I'm pondering what is so special about scene girls. Is it the cropped hair? The sneer on their faces as if they're being angry or scary? Is it the fact that none of them seem to know what the term "in moderation" means when it comes to their makeup? Their horrible taste in music? The fact they can possibly be traps? I should ask; I really should.

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