Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Racy Photo

Let's face it: We're not all made to grace the covers of Playboy or Playgirl, but one man wants your naughty sexts for artistic reasons. The fact that your naughty pics are considered art is just as strange as your sister's compulsive problem to sucking on your breasts. I know a few of you just got a rise out of that last bit of information, but trust me, corrections were made.

Because we'd rather be the ones sucking on the breasts of our sister-in-laws, or pleasing our brother-in-laws – admit it, you've thought of it – we must question if humans are monogamous creatures. Some say we're not; others say you make the commitment to one person and only one. If you're looking for some new excitement, however, a nice guy has made a list for you to follow to avoid problems. But to be honest, I think one woman is enough for me. And I didn't write that because she's standing behind me, grimacing. I mean it. Seriously. She's not standing behind me.

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