Monday, March 9, 2009

The Last Word

Love it or hate it, we wake up this morning in a world without The L Word. While a few lesbians out there are mourning the loss of their beloved TV versions, a few of them are probably off celebrating the death of those who do not represent them well enough on TV.

While I find it stupid that those out there were even pissed at the fact that TV lesbians do not compare to real lesbians, I'm the sort of person who boycotts a movie about a small Mexican "dog" because I find it poorly represents my people. I suppose I can understand where you're coming from, angry lesbians.

However, a few of you may have noted that this year hasn't been a stellar year for the lesbian, or homosexuals for that matter. With the evil Prop 8 passing even after we elected the country's first black president, has hindered our ideals of an accepting America. The I'm-just-not-that-into-you mindset has swept across the boob tube when the subject is on the fairer sex who loves the fairer sex: I whole-heartily disagree. Rather than seeing it as the country no longer has any love for the lesbians on television, we should look at it as the country no longer wanting to caricature homosexuals in general because of the series stereotypes that may be pushing Prop 8 supporters to make absurd claims when it comes to same-sex marriage.

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