Sunday, March 8, 2009

On Transgenders & Their Breasts

It's lackluster, really. I'm walking around the store and I see one in the distance. It doesn't take a genius to point them out in the crowd, but it does take a complete idiot (or a whole lot of cosmetic and early hormone procedures) to mistake one for an actual woman. And while I'm not repelled by the transsexual/transvestite, I'm also not attracted to them either - well, most of them anyway.

"Look at that one," my girlfriend-at-the-moment says, pointing out the window. We're in downtown Brownsville, transvestite prostitute territory, as one of them emerges from the shadows in skinny jeans, heels, a blouse that barely covers the paunch of her stomach, badly placed makeup and a receding hairline that is noticeable from space. We cackle at her, not out of prejudice, but at the plain fact that she assumed she looked good coming out of the house like that.

All my significant others (past & present) have on thing in common, however, (and this does fall in to the topic of conversation) and that's the very fact that they feel/felt inadequate when it comes to their chests. Most of them were proportionate with their bodies - can you imagine a thin girl with large breasts (that's some serious back problems we're dealing with) - or a chubby girl with larger breasts than need be (again, the added weight would crush her). And I've done my best to keep the current one (and when I was with the past ones) comforted that their breast size didn't add anything to my affection - large, small or completely flat, I loved them nonetheless and they shouldn't attempt to be define by their cup size.

Then there's the problem: The Tranny with the larger, "perfect" tits. Oy vey.

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