Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trump allows Christian Skank to keep crown

So Donald Trump allowed Prejean to keep her crown in light of the topless photos. Does really surprise anyone? Donald fucking Trump knows two things in this world: 1.) money and 2.) skanks. Of course he's going to let the homophobe Christian slut to keep her crown! The moment it was announced that it was in the hands of Trump, I was already grimacing in my seat because Prejean is just the sort of girl who would be his 100th wife.

I just find it in poor taste as there are several young girls who see the Miss States as something of a role model. I'm no prude, but when girls as young as my niece are exposed to this, it gives them the sense that it's okay to be this way. I've always said one should embrace sexuality, but I never once said that children so take half nude photos of themselves at the age of seventeen, such as the ones Prejean had taken.

Prejean spoke against the naysayers that spoke out against her. What she said doesn't change the fact that she's still a skank. Nothing, not even God, could change that fact.

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